starting with Panda3D help

Hello friends, just checked in the community I’m from mexico but honestly I’m just learning English and I’m writing this using google translator to communicate with you.

I have some concerns about the contare will develop:

I want to develop a small game for children where the party would Panda3D graphics and controls using the kinect so I will be more interactive with the kids.

I have knowledge in c + + and java, my doubt is haora

I can do it? Panda3D interaction with kinect?

Can I develop the graph with Panda3D using c + +?

I’m actually a newbie to this games, I hope I could guide me with documentation to start from 0, in truth I really want and I want to contribute to the education of children interacting with technology.

Thank you

You’re gonna have to practice your english if you expect to find the documentation you need :slight_smile: !

If you’re looking to control a game using motion-capture, I can already find this topic:
[kinect anyone?)

There seems to be everything you need software-wise, but not the whole instructions. There doesn’t seem to be any, but that’s at least a good start.