Starting Panda3d 1.7.0

I’m having trouble just starting Panda 1.7.0. I o to the command prompt and change directory. After that, I’m suppose to type in And it says “it is not recognized by internal or external command, operable program or batch file”. is there another way of just starting this program? please help

hi, welcome to panda.

panda is not a programm but used to write programms.
aside from that you need to make sure you dont add any typos on the command line. it’s “ppython” (mind the space between ppython and yourfile) not “”

without skills in coding either python or c++ panda3d will be pretty useless for you.
the fastest way to creating your own games/applications is learning python first and learning how to use panda afterwards. first then it will be of use for you.

Maybe he just wants to start a sample? Before I learned Python or Panda3D I tried the samples too. Just like anybody would who wants to learn about an engines features, right?