Start point on map

Im new to Panda and Im trying to figure a few things out. My goal first of is to create a small project where I have a character who can walk trough a created map. Kinda like Roaming Ralf.

  1. If I create a map in one of the following programs Maya/Blender/XSI how do I create a start_point that Panda will recognize like it does in Roaming Ralf?

  2. Can anyone assist me in creating a basic code for this? Im not good at coding as my codeing abilities is more website programming like asp/php. I am better at modeling.

Create a mesh with just one vertex, make sure the pivot of the mesh is exactly at that vertex. Call the mesh “start_point”. In your code, you can retrieve the start_point using yourWorldModel.find("**/start_point"), as is explained in the Roaming Ralph demo.

Hello. I try to create a mesh in Maya, but how to create a mesh with just one vertex? It needs at least three vertex to create a shape.