Starflight III - Coder Recruitment


The Starflight III project is currently seeking coders familiar with Panda3D (and the Python programming language in general), as well as artists with knowledge of Blender and/or GIMP.

Starflight III is the official continuation of the Starflight series of PC games. “Starflight” was released in 1986 for the PC and was ported to several other platforms, including Amiga, Commodore 64, Mac and the Sega Genesis. A sequel, “Starflight II: Secrets of the Cloud Nebula” was released in 1989 for many of the same platforms. The games put the player in command of a starship, gaining capital through various means (such as mining and trading) to upgrade their ship’s and crew’s capabilities and ultimately saving their homeworld from various calamities (a device that will destroy the world in the first game, and an invasion by a hostile race of amoeba-like creatures in the second). It was noteworthy in its day for its open-endedness; hundreds of star systems and individual worlds were available for a player to explore, all on two low-density 5.25" floppy discs. Information on the original games is available at Starflight III hopes to both continue with the tradition set down by the original game and at the same time make it a little more up to date in terms of PC gaming. The project is being done strictly non-profit; we will not be selling it or making money off of it in any way.

We have recently posted a public version of our design document online, at

Thanks, and I hope to be able to work with some of you in the near future.

Stephen A. Rogers
Starflight III Project Coordinator


are you rewriting your project from scratch with panda3D ? or is it already using it ?

It looks like an interesting project, I am interested in it :slight_smile:

Hello, Manou.

We’re rewriting it from scratch (again). We did have a permutation a few years ago where one of our coders tried to use Panda, but it didn’t get particularly far and I don’t know if any of the code would still be usable at this point. That was with Panda 1.2.3, I know that much.

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to ask. We’re definitely in need of coders.

This could turn out to be very fun game :slight_smile:

I did not see whether game is(will be) free or commercial.

It’ll be free.