StandardError: Could not open window.

I installed Panda3D for a first time, on my personal laptop.
Here are some information about the laptop:
CPU: Sempron 3100+
Display: 17’ (1440x900)
Video: ATI Radion Express 200M - 128Mb

OS:WinXP Pro Corp. SP2
I tried to see some samples, but everytime I get and error “StandardError: Could not open window.”
What can I do, to see the samples?

Thanks in advanced
Ivan Spahiyski

Ah. That could be because the Config.prc setting is configured at a display library you don’t have drivers / support for.
In that case, please open C:\Panda3D-1.5.3\etc\Config.prc with a text editor. You will most likely see this line there:

load-display pandagl

That means Panda3D is configured to load OpenGL. If you prefer DirectX 9 or 8, you can use one of these:

load-display pandadx9


load-display pandadx8

Hope this helps.

Yes, it helps :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!