how can you make a standalone (=exe) version of your Panda application ?

Thanks in advance

There are a lot of over-the-counter tools for packaging up python programs, including panda games. One popular one is py2exe. However, these tools can be a little tricky to use, it might take some effort.

I’m currenly working on a “quick-and-easy” tool for packaging up a panda game. It should be ready by the next release. Until then, you’ll have to use py2exe, or the like.

  • Josh

Thanks Yosh,

what about Python 2.3 or 2.4 with Panda ? (I only find 2.2 packaged with Panda.) Can we easily exchange the python path inside the Panda-path or is ppython a specialized version exclusively for Panda ?

Today, I downloaded and installed “delta 3d” and “pyogre” and ckecked both of them - both offer interesting 3d examples.

What do you think is the difference between these engines compared to Panda ?

Thanks for your comments.


When a C++ program (like panda3d) is loaded into python, it needs to be recompiled for each new version of python. It is possible to compile panda for python 2.3 and 2.4.

Honestly, I don’t know enough about Delta3D and PyOgre to be able to comment intelligently. But I do know that you never get a clear idea of what a piece of software is like from reading a list of bullet points. I think if you’re going to compare them, you should download them both and spend a day playing with them. I assure you that if you spend a half a day with panda, you will be starting to get a good solid idea how it works.

  • Josh

Hello Josh,

thanks for your comment. Some of the pictures from the Panda library offer nice shader examples. But lloking at the Forum and Tutorials, I only find information about cgShaders. So, how can I achieve metallic surfaces or cartoonic effects with Panda ?

Thanks in advance for lighting this up.

"What do you think is the difference between these engines compared to Panda ? "

That’s a whole different topic!

Delta3D is built using OpenSceneGraph and pyOGRE is obviously OGRE. Check the engine sites for feature lists etc.

My only comments are:

  • pyOGRE doesn’t get updated often and support is poor
  • OGRE is a great engine, and with CEGUI is a good open source solution, though CEGUI is still immature
  • I don’t think OpenSceneGraph has good terrain support, but that may have been included in Delta3D
  • I don’t think Delta3D includes GUI support (been a while since I checked)
  • Delta3D just pulls together different technologies
  • pyOGRE (and hence OGRE) doesn’t provide good support for anything other than rendering

Download them all and play around with them.

I have a student who’s working on some demos of how to use the Cg shaders. For example, he used Cg shaders to do cartoon shading. I’ll be posting those demos with the next release.