Stack World 3D

I started using panda3d since last week and am currently developing a small game called Stack World to learn more about panda3d and python. Hopefully this will be the first game project I actually finish.

The game idea is based on the online Flash game Super Stacker 2. Each level you get presented with some blocks which you have to stack. Blocks may not fall off and when you have placed the last block a timer starts. Your stack has to hold for the duration of the timer to complete the level. I really like the game and think it was a good idea to build something like it using panda3d.

Just started a new website.
Magic Missile Games


Demo 6: (new)
Demo 5:
Demo 4:
Demo 3:
Demo 2:

Nice solid physics implementation. Are you using ODE?

Thank you. Yes, I am using the ODE that’s built into panda3d 1.7.0. I really like how ODE and other functions, like graphics, work right out of the box :slight_smile:

I posted a new gameplay video :slight_smile:

Nice game!
Maybe a background image would be nice :wink:

keep up the good work!

Looks nice!

I created some programmer art to go with the game. Uploaded a new game demo. Part 4.

This show me playing to the first few test levels I created with the editor. New since last demo is the logic that allows to play the levels after one anotherr from new game. There is also a description in the level, can be used for hints. Currently I have 20 levels. The number of possibilities with the current blocks alone are very large :slight_smile:

Very nice! Looks like you’re making great progress.

This game looks fun to play. Possible iPhone game? ($$$ :wink: )

cool :smiley:

clear that thing please out for me, i dont get a nice focused mind about getting money by iphone games. if im looking at this app store, there are myriads of games and other tools. not a long time ago i was into a iphone production pipe. of course it quiet funny, everything is way faster to produce (relation to the possibilities). and very easy to publish (app store).

did i ever said, the live is funny and strange?

i really dont get it what will happens soon with the finacial marked. why everything screams in me, buy a house in the south and plant oranges and olives.

I recently picked up this project again. Now also actively looking for an artist who can make two textured models for Stack World 3D. One 4x1 board an a sphere.

Game demo 5

It has been a while but I finally managed to get up a beta version. Downloads here: … loads.html

That was a lot of fun to play! Awesome game. :smiley: