SSL Support?

Hello, I have a question for people who may know much about Panda3D’s networking

I know that Disney VR might Studios use SSL servers on their games, and i’m trying to figure out how is this even possible, even when I had to edit some of the Panda’s files.

So the question is: Is it actually possible to wrap (add) SSL support to an server’s TCP datagram socket?

HTTPClient can wrap its communication via SSL. Nothing else built-in to Panda has this feature, though there are standalone Python libraries that can do it also.

If your server string you pass to ClientRepository.connect() is a URL whose scheme ends in “s”, e.g. “servers://”, then ClientRepository will automatically use HTTPClient to establish an SSL connection. However, there’s nothing built into the ServerRepository class to accept an SSL connection, so you will need to use an external wrapping program to wrap your server inside SSL.