SSH Subprocesses and Panda3d Networking

Hey all, so i’m getting to the point in my game where i need to talk to a server to store user submitted levels and whatnot. I have a small ubuntu cloudserver that im trying to test with. (I have very little experience with anything relating to networking).I have 3 main questions

To start: What i need is a server to keep all user submitted levels, user log in credentials, game updates, and the likes. What would be the best way to go about doing that? I was originally going to have my game run a script to ssh to the server and update information as needed. Is that a good way to go about doing this? If not what kind of server will i need?

If ssh can fill my needs: I was looking up different ways to go about it with python and without extra libraries (to keep the amount of libraries and api’s in my game to a minimum) and found out about subprocesses. Ive been looking up information about it (but due to my lack of knowledge in this topic) am having little luck getting results. I have this code that does not give errors but also does not do anything xD

import subprocess
import sys
import getpass

class main():

	def __init__(self):

	def connect(self):
		# Ports are handled in ~/.ssh/config since we use OpenSSH
		PW = getpass.getpass("sudo PW:#########")
		COMMAND="/bin/test/test.txt %s | sudo -S uname -a" % PW

		ssh = subprocess.Popen(["ssh", "%s" % HOST, COMMAND], shell=False, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
		result = ssh.stdout.readlines()
		if result == []:
			error = ssh.stderr.readlines()
			print >>sys.stderr, "ERROR: %s" % error
			print result

app = main()

is there anyone who could maybe break this down for me a bit or point me in a direction?

And third: I was looking through the panda api but did not see anything regarding ssh. Does panda offer something that can do what i need?

I guess overall im just looking for someone to point me in a direction to some resources to help me with all of this xD Sorry for long post and thank you in advance who can help :slight_smile:

Just would like to say that I’d also be rather interested in an answer for this.