I thought it was added as an image filter? … ge_Filters
Where is it?


I don’t see any difference, the application doesn’t crash, but I get

WinXP 64 bit.

I do get some output when using for example cartoon inking with 1.7.0, but it works.

Set “basic-shaders-only #f


when resizing the window.

Also I’ll have a look if other filters and shadergen have a problem working with it. I can’t get it working on my game which has cartoon shading and inking

This topic was forgotten

Yes, it was.

SSAO is something that needs very careful tuning, and is not suitable for every scene. It’s not a magic switch that suddenly makes your scene look awesome when you flip it.
So I don’t know what to say but tell you to try to tweak the SSAO settings, try a scene that makes more sense to have AO, altering the near/far range, and possibly enabling the shader generator on the scene.

Yeah, but where is it documented? Its not in the manual and not in the CommonFilters page of Python reference.
And whats wrong with the scene? Looks like you tested on it too

What about what happens to it when I resize the window? Should I report it as a bug?