has anyone had any luck with SSAO filter? There are alot of parameters and I fail to see any results with 1.7.1. And I get this error:

:gobj(error): /c/Panda3D-1.7.1/direct/filter/filter-ssao.sha: (0) : error C6013:
 Only arrays of texcoords may be indexed in this profile, and only with a loop index variable

So anyone had any luck with using it?

Looks like you either forgot to set “basic-shaders-only #f” or you’re using an old graphics card that doesn’t support for loops in shaders.

You could edit the shader and replace k_params1.x with a constant value (number of samples) so that the compiler will unroll the loop.

oh wow, i did it again.

is there an explanation for the parameters? the only one explained it radius

i dont get it either. A quick test gave the impression that it is applied on top of bloom filter.

Understanding the parameters requires some knowledge about how the filter works. This (and other resources) may help: … _Occlusion