SpriteTexture from the ParticlePanel needs eyes.jpg??

(NB this is concerning version 1.0.5 - but it may still be an issue in 1.1)

I have used the particlePanel (from the tutorial) to create particles in my game.
I am using SpriteParticleRenderer, but it seems to have a little bug:
It is unable to read a texture called eyes.jpg, which it shouldn’t need.

I have found that in: …\Panda3D-1.0.5\direct\src\extensions\SpriteParticleRenderer-extensions.py
some default value for sourceTexture seems to call phase_3/maps/eyes.jpg

Here is the code:
def getSourceTextureName(self):
if self.sourceTextureName == None:
SpriteParticleRenderer.sourceTextureName = base.config.GetString(
‘particle-sprite-texture’, ‘phase_3/maps/eyes.jpg’)
# Return instance copy of class variable
return self.sourceTextureName

Obviously, if you don’t have a folder named phase_3 with /maps/eyes.jpg,
you will receive a warning when compiling your game.

I believe it to be a remainder from ToonTown, because in ToonTown there
exists such a folder with eyes.jpg being some toon eyes :unamused: lol

One solution is of course to make a dummy folder with eyes.jpg.
But is there a better way?

Perhaps I could somehow set the self.sourceTextureName to a string - any string?

Any other advice?

Rainbow Brite.