Spherical projection on 3 flat monitors for insect VR

Hello there,
I am just starting off with Panda 3D. I am a PhD student researching on Insect search strategies during flight. So, I am building a Virtual world for the fly so that it can feel itself flying. For that I have 3 x 27" monitors which form an equilateral triangle. The fly is stuck to a tiny pin and is in the centre of this triangle. I want the display to be such that it feels like it is a real world. I have a very simple flat grassy terrain. But since the world is spherical, and the monitors are flat I have to transform the image non linearly so that object of a given size at give distance subtends the same angle at the centre. So, a ball in the centre of the screen will actually be smaller than a ball at the edge of the screen as the distances to the screen are different from fly. The images explain what I have. So, for example, in the roaming ralph demo , I want to display it on the 3 monitors. Is it possible on Panda? How do I go about doing any of this? If I missed any details, feel free to ask.


I’m not at all knowledged in this area, but would it perhaps just be a matter of setting up three lenses in different directions each with a horizontal FOV of 120, displayed in three different windows (or three display regions in the same window, scretched across the three monitors)?