Speech Recognition and Panda


Does anybody know of good speech recognition that can be used with Panda3d or Python?

I have looked at Snack (which I gave up on because of a Tk error that was annoying me) and Julius (used in a Japanese Learning tool which also uses Panda3d).

Just looking for recommendations.

Thank you for your time.

a friend of mine used microsoft SAPI with some success: http://www.microsoft.com/speech/speech2007/default.mspx
search for SAPI on MSDN, i can’t seem to link directly to the page.

he was vary impressed. the downside is it ties you to windows and you have to wrap it with python yourself. other than that, i know zip about speech recognition.

Thank you for the reply pasquinelli.

I have come across information on this.

However, I forgot to mention that I need a cross platform speech tool. I am sorry I forgot to mention this fact.