SPE - little error in the documentation

Hi !

I am a new user of Panda3D, suduced by its simplicity and the fact that it runs with python. I am using SPE, and I had some difficulties to make it run with Panda3D.

There is a little error in this page : panda3d.org/manual/index.php/SPE

Must be replaced by


has to be replaced with

I don’t know if the Panda3D-x.x.x\bin directory was present before the current version, but it seems that it isn’t anymore.

I may be posting at the wrong place, in that case, I want to apologize to the moderators.

Pedro, obviously you haven’t seen the Manual is actually a Wiki. You can edit it yourself. To do that, click the tiny blue dot at the bottom of the page. You have to create an account at the wiki seperate from your forum account.

I saw that it was a wiki, but I didn’t find how to register or log in. Thanks for the info.