Hey guys, I tried my first game in panda3d 2 years ago and I stopped my project. Now I just want to release the sourcecode of the game.(media included) It may have many bugs.

Its a spaceshooter with RPG elements. Just try it out.

Play the game in resolution 1024x768 for best view.
If you do not, you might not see the hud.

Arrowkeys - shoot
wasd - movement

  • Just run “run.bat” in the main folder.
(Sorry for the comments, its in german)

Hey I think this is a great example for those asking how to structure their game into multiple files and/or classes, or how to make a functioning game that goes beyond the Panda samples.
Thanks for sharing.

Hate to tell you this but here the background graphics are garbled:

Fetching the wrong graphics memory. On the top you see graphics from my game, on the bottom stuff from OS X memory.
Is it possible that are you doing your own effects (like Blur) instead of using the Panda3D built-in functions?

Also tried this out and had some major bugs, mainly while rendering. I saw a snapshot from the first mission in the background while being in the second, for example.

This is weird. I havent any problems with the graphics. Sorry for the major bugs. I didnt recognized those. Maybe its because I wrote the code with a previous version of panda?

I use windows7 64bit and opengl for rendering.

DirectX emulates OpenGL on Windows Vista and higher - that might have something to do with those bugs.

Only if you have no real drivers installed.

Are you sure about that? If that’s the case, can you provide some links for OpenGL drivers on Windows Vista + 7 please?

OpenGL drivers appropriate for your graphics card will be installed when you install the driver for your graphics card, provided by your graphics card manufacturer.