SpacePad and VRPN


My post mainly concerned the developers of Panda3d. I saw that Panda3d support the Spacepad VR tracking system via the use of VRPN. I currently have the mandate to configure our Immersadesk VR system so it could works with the SpacePad via a VRPN server. We only want to track 2 sensors (the head position and the wand). The problem is that the official VRPN server itself do not support the Spacepad.

I have look at the source of Panda3d and found the source of VRPN but can’t find the .cfg files which are normally used to properly configure the server. Would it be possible for you to help me in finding the right way to use the VRPN server code from your own code (more specifically: the code added to VRPN so it could works with the spacepad) so it would be easier for me to modify the official source of VRPN? Do you have other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Honestly, I don’t know much about it, but I do know I haven’t maintained the VRPN code in ages. It’s probably a very old version. Who knows if it even uses “cfg” files?

If VRPN hasn’t changed much, you might just try recompiling panda with the newer version of VRPN.

Has anyone been able to compile Panda3D with the current version of VRPN?


I believe that panda does contain an almost-current version of VRPN (it may be a few weeks old, but no more than that).

Bear in mind, it’s only a VRPN client. It doesn’t contain the VRPN server. You have to get that separately.

We are also interested in using panda with spacepad. Is it possible to get vrpn server with spacepad support?

Yes, that’s the official VRPN site, but we’re specifically interested in the Spacepad support that Panda3D supposedly has - i.e. the code to talk to the ISA card itself. As far as we can find, that has not been contributed to UNC, and is not in the public Panda download.

We did use to use spacepads here, but I’m searching our file server and I can’t find the source. I’m going to ask around, but it may be lost.