I would like a background in my game similar to eve online. There is a project here that is also a space type game that has from the looks of it something along those lines as a background for the scenes.

anyone know where to point me in order to achieve such an effect when one is traveling in space ?

Im pretty sure its a projected texture or maybe a shader effect but i am uncertian where to look to get started. Any ideas would be apreciated.

Maybe you are interested in billboards.

You have information on both shaders and on billboards in manual.

[HEADSMACK] DOH , forgot all about those.

Which background from eve do you mean?
The ingame space background, the login screen (wallpaper-like bg) or something different?

The space background , Basicly the starfeild you see when you are in your ship flying around in space.

I managed to find a snipit that implements a sphereical cube map but, you can tell where the seems are and if you move the camera around too much you end up with a “plungered” fisheye looking mess in its current implementation. Im now trying to figure out how to blend the edges and keep the images from getting warped so bad.

here is a screenshot of what I am talking about:

while its a good start, I need to work on it a bit.

Please note there’s a Nintendo 64 game called Dark Rift:

Please note that Dark Rift is not the complete name of my game and that I use darkrift in my code to make it shorter for coding purposes.

DarkRift:Apocylipse would A. take longer to type and B. cause issues with the semicolin in the name being mistaken for a namespace value and NOT the name of the game.