Sounds only play out of left speaker after packing as p3d

I’ve made sure that the sounds are exported as mono, and they work properly when I run the game not as a p3d (i.e. ‘>python.exe’). Here’s how I’m creating the p3d:

packp3d -S mycert.pem -r morepy -r audio -o client.p3d -d C:\location\

hm. i remember panda once had a bug where sound was comming from the wrong direction… somewhere in 2009 or so. similar to your description.

do you use the same audio-system for both, the runtime and pandaSDK ? (like both times fmod/openal)?

I’m not specifying one versus the other. I would have thought they both default to the same one, but I can check which each uses later today.

ConfigVariable audio-library-name:
audio-library-name p3openal_audio (from /c/Users/Me/AppData/Local/Panda3D/hosts/runtime.panda3d.org_0f5faf88846080ae/openal/cmu_1.8/openal.prc)
audio-library-name null (default value)

ConfigVariable audio-library-name:
audio-library-name p3openal_audio (from /c/Panda3D-1.8.0/etc/Config.prc)
audio-library-name null (default value)

I tried using fmod, but the runtime can’t find it an defaults to null. Using openal, however, I noticed this error:

AL lib: dsound.c:85: Failed to load dsound.dll

Not sure if that’s the cause.

Anyone have any ideas? To use FMOD it is a simple as:

loadPrcFileData('', 'audio-library-name p3fmod_audio')

If so, I get this error when running the p3d:

:audio(error):   load_dso( failed, will use NullAudioManager
:audio(error):     Path not found
:audio: NullAudioManager
:audio: NullAudioManager

There is audio when I run it as a script and use FMOD

I also tried using 3D Audio to see if that made a difference. The sound volume decreases according to distance, but it still only comes out of the left speaker (using openAL).

You need to specify “-r fmod” to packp3d to use FMod instead of OpenAL.

Using fmod fixes the problem.

Not acceptable to me though, as fmod is not OK with commercially distributed games.

Is there any other way to get OpenAL working correctly?