Does OpenAL have to be install before installing PyOpenAL or are they independent of each other?


I actaully found another LIB for sound playback that has APIs for Python and will not be using OpenAL.

Panda3D implements and ships with OpenAL. You don’t need OpenAL or PyOpenAL installed.

“Kewl!” Thanks!

There was someone currently incharge of building up P3D. I came across his name and photo once on the internet. He had a PHD. Can’t remember the name. I wonder if he involves himself in the P3D community?

Oh well, not important I guess.

That must have been Josh Yelon. He no longer works for Panda3D.




Whhhyyyy???.. I WANT MR. YELON BACK!!!

Anyway, I had no idea Panda3D’s sound execution would be a “milli sec drinker.”

I will have to be very careful when playing sounds and keep my sound file sizes in check. I like the idea of wave sound because wave is raw and raw data usually works with most OSs.

So…rdb, What chances do I have of converting a Windows develop application so that it will work with Linux and the Mac?

I’m guessing that would be painful.

That’d be easy, if you use pdeploy to package your game. Just develop it for Windows, and when you run pdeploy, it will roll out binaries for the other platforms for you. Given that you don’t use Windows-specific stuff in your code, of course.

Oops! :blush: I do use a few window paths to list Dirs. I couldn’t get the default path style to work, which is Linux…I think. All my other resources use the Linux default path style.

Example - I couldn’t do this with the Linux style pathing:

self.TTdir = listdir(WingameDir+"datacab\\mainmenu\\ttreebg\");

In fact, listing a dir is the only thing I have with a windows style path. Is there a way I can avoid this and still get my listed Dir?

I will also need to read/write to files externally later. I’m hoping the default path style will do for that.

Do I have to download this pdeploy you text of?

Why does pdeploy need an internet connection if you’re not developing an online app?


listdir(os.path.join(windir, 'datacab', 'mainmenu', 'ttreebg))


listdir(Filename(windir + 'datacab/mainmenu/ttreebg').toOsSpecific())