Sound during loading phase

I am having an issue with sound. I have a panda3d application that shows a login screen and after authenticating a user, it loads models and sets up all required staff. The loading phase lasts between 10 and 15 seconds and there is a loading bar that informs of the progress.

Now, I wanted to add music: the music starts with the login screen and proceeds after the user hits the “login” button until the end of the loading phase. The problem is that during the loading phase the music gets suspended on its own and can be heard again only after the end of the loading phase.

Since I do not know the inner workings of the music in Panda3d I would like to understand how to avoid this. The only suspect I have is that during the loading phase I am loading models and doing calculation, and in this phase the screen is only updated when the loading bar needs updating. Maybe sound reproduction and screen update are related?

Thanks in advance

One thing you can do is to increase the number of seconds buffered by adding a config variable - “audio-buffering-seconds 10”.

I thin you may try calling base.musicManager.update() from time to time as models load but I’m not sure if that’s a valid thing to do or if it will help somehow.

Using loader.musicManager.update() when I update the progress bar solved the issue! Thanks a lot.

By the way, the config option did not seem to have any effect on this specific problem.