sorry to bother you again

I was wondering if the cloth on my 3ds max model is going to show up in panda before i bother creating it. Is there a game engine that would support 3ds max cloth or do you think the cloth would export to any game engine as part of the model?

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i dunno exactly if max cloth are exported . most likely not.
maybe about cloth in general:
panda has no native support for cloth-simulation yet, so in any case, you would have to “bake” the cloth-animation into your character-animation before exporting. this would work if max can “bake” the cloth-simulation into vertex-based animations AND if the max-exporter exports those vertex-based animations. i dont know if those are working but if they are it would work. panda itself supports those animations.

i guess it’s best to try out on a minimalistic model. like a sphere and a piece of cloth.
reading the exporter description and max-manual might be worth it.

Thank you i’ll take that into consideration. I just see people getting into arguments alot in other forums for asking for help so i try not to ask for help so quick.

Do you think i could parent the cloth to the skeleton to animate it or would still have to animate the vertices?

depends on the max exporter capabilities. i’m not a max user so i wouldnt know. like i said. it’s good to try those tings with simple objects before you invest lots of work in your actual model.

yea i think parenting the cloth might work but if i want it to look like real clothes animating the vertices while its still cloth is my best bet.