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I don’t precisely understand what you mean, but here’s what I know:
In version 1.5.3, there is a new MAX exporter which supports normal maps etc.
There is a bug though in that exporter, that it does not generate binormals and tangents for the model. (This is not directly related to normal mapping itself) To fix that, call this on the .egg file after you’ve exported it with normal maps:
egg-trans -tbnall yourfile.egg yourfile2.egg
Now, yourfile2.egg will be a useable egg file using normal mapping. To view it, run it in pview, and press the “C”, “L”, and “P” keys, respectively.

In 1.5.4, this command will no longer be needed and the exporter will automatically generate binormals and tangents for you.

PS. ‘binormals’ and ‘tangents’ are information needed to see the effect of normal mapping – you can have egg files with normal maps, but the effect wont show up correctly until you generate binormals and tangents.

do you know an eta of 1.5.4 ? and I looked in the post do I still need to run the calculation command line on the egg file?

1.5.4 will be released as soon as the bugs (or most of them) from the other thread have been solved. Won’t take more than a few weeks, though.
Yes, you still have to call the command, but is that such a big deal? Just three seconds time after exporting.

no just a hassle especially as scattered brained as I am I’ll get so frustrated that my normals arent working and all could be solved by using the command!!! lol its quite irritating! oh thats good to here I cant wait for the release it will help me bunch!