some textures not working


I am having trouble with my texture maps showing up on my avatar, they are coming out black. I am texturing in blender and exporting to egg. It is strange because I have texture maps working fine on the walls, but I cannot figure out what’s wrong with my avatar maps.

What I’ve checked already:
Images are jpgs 1024x1024.

The file path is pointing to the correct location, definitely. (when comparing the problematic-texture egg file with the working one, I see no significant difference in texture info)

Texture is set to phong, i’ve attached a couple screen shots of my texture and material settings in blender below.


Much thanks for any help

Is the color on your model really set to black? Since that color is multiplied by your texture color, it would certainly make your model appear black. Set it to white instead.


Ah ok that was it. I knew it had to be something stupid.

Thanks for the quick reply.