Some questions...

Hi to all… :smiley:
i am new to game development and panda 3d.
i have a good knowlege of C
i have 6 months to develop a small game for a school project, it will by hard to learn python and panda3d in that period of time?

Thanks in advance for all the replies :smiley:
(Any sugestion will be apreciated)
Sorry if i post in the wrong place.

Welcome to panda3d

if you already know your way with c. then learning python should be no problem.
you can find a number of really good tutorials there.since you know about programming you can skip a lot of it. just as small reference to get used to pythons syntax and the like.

aside from programming you need to get some artwork done. panda supports many formats you can use to import and use your models and textures.
sounds and music are also very important.

a good way to get started is to read the “absolut beginner” thread. its a sticky.
followed by looking at the examples which comes with your panda installation, aswell as the manual which can be found on the navigation bar on the top of this page.

if you have specific questions about something feel free to ask at pandas irc channel #panda3d on freenode , or here on the forum


Thank you very much for the help…
i have another question: can i export an entire scene from blender or 3ds max?

dunno about max. but in blender you can. never tried to. but theoretically it should work. at least for the static geometry. lights, caracters and so on propably wont get exported at all. you could add place-holder models and replace them using a few lines of python later on.

i guess best way to learn more about it. is to actually try it out. just make a cube-based world or simmilar. and try to export it. you might want to know that graficcards prefer fewer-bigger models over thousands of small ones. so performance might suffer a lot if you just use dozens of individual blocks. thats nothing to worry about, its easy to fix anyway. just wanted to let you know.

thank you ur info helped me alot…
Thats what i am gonna do i will try to make some simple scene and try export it…
(i will probably stay all nigth and try to do something) :smiley:

Yes, you can from Max, in fact that’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work fully. The exporter in Max you add as a helper type object, and it saves with the scene, and works wonderfully for me so far.