some progress made on gui, walking, and scene:)

I have made some progress. I have figured out how to make my guy walk around, display animated gui’s, and import a environment. Im still using the man from roaming ralph.

problem 1:
When my screen changes to full the gui’s in aspect2d stay put- is there a way to keep the gui’s against the screen edge? See pic- (I believe this is what I was warned about being poor implementation?)

Problem 2:
I need to learn collisions for this engine- I am used to 2d collisions where I just checked sprites boundaries. This is much different.

If I assume correct I have objects in my environment that are solid and cause collisions and others I should ignore. I arbritarily set these objects up when I create my environment in blender? Is there a tutorial on creating collisions objects in blender?

JB Skaggs

1: Parent your buttons to base.a2dBottomLeft (and BottomRight).

2: In 3D, collision between a model and another model is too heavy. You will need to set up collision solids that match the shape of your model.

Thanks, BTW.

JB SKaggs

I like your GUI icons!

Thanks JH, I plan to remake the death gui and maybe the tree one.

You probably know this, but to a noob like me with very little professional support a nice word goes along way to helping me succeed.

If I can ever be of help let me know.

JB SKaggs

Nice GUI style, not interrupting at all. Very good solution for small displays. :slight_smile:

Ironically, those two are my favorites :stuck_out_tongue:

They have a soft dimensional look to them thanks to subtle highlights and shading, whereas the other icons are totally flat and unpolished.

Maybe I won’t then.


jbskaggs , if you want to help hehe, you could do a little tutorial about your progress when you consider finish it.

Well I already did to a fashion:

Started out with roaming ralph- gutted out pretty much everything except him walking around. I also gutted out the collision checking for now- as I will add that next. Then I began adding my gui’s which I made in gimp.

Then I downloaded a free environment, went to blender and exported it with chicken. Loaded it into Panda3d.

How I get my gui and text to stay 2d and in place I posted here:

Unless your asking how to do 2d animation in Gimp?

Anyway I have a long ways to go, and most of it much more complicated. Now I need to figure the terrain height collision ray stuff and create a environment to match it.

But even more so I have to get my design doc finished with milestones.

JB SKaggs

First thing I noticed - looks like a Magic: The Gathering inspired game.

You are correct that Magic The Gathering was an influence, but so is chess, Baldur’s gate, KH, FFX and hordes of other games.

JB Skaggs