some problems with cvs build on osx


I’ve got some problems with a cvs build on intel osx.

Since quite a while im missing the EggData when building from the cvs. Until now i could not find a solution.

I created a patch agains the current cvs adding the ‘#define USE_PACKAGES cg’ where needed, if HAVE_CG and HAVE_CGGL are enabled.
Download it here:

The pview does not run correctly, mouse button presses doesnt seem to be released, if i press the middle button it will stay rotating forever.

The currently last problem i’ve got is with the offscreen buffers. gives the error: Video driver cannot create an offscreen buffer. Under windows everything this works fine.

If anybody knows a solution to any of these problems i’d be happy

You mean, the EggData class is not available in Python? It’s not instrumented by default. To add it, put a line like this in your Config.pp file:

#define GENPYCODE_LIBS $[GENPYCODE_LIBS] libpandaegg

Thanks! Actually, as of yesterday, this should no longer be needed–I fixed an underlying bug in the ppremake scripts that wasn’t applying the USE_PACKAGES where it should automatically.

This is a known bug. The middle and right mouse buttons do not get released properly on OS X. The left button works fine. We’ll have a fix shortly.

I don’t think anyone has yet implemented offscreen buffers on OS X. But you can try putting this in your Config.prc file:

prefer-parasite-buffer 1


Thanks for your help.

That fixed my eggData problem :slight_smile:

Compiling panda and direct works like a charm now.
However in pandatools the following Sources.pp are still failing because of missing ‘#define USE_PACKAGES cg’


The parasite buffer unfortunately did not help.

I’d love to see the buffers working under osx, as most other features also work very well.

Oops, you’re right, I forgot to commit my changes in pandatool. Should be fixed now, thanks.