Some general questions from an interested dev

Hello! I’ve been hunting for a game engine for about 4 weeks now, and I’m a little torn between Godot and Panda3D; there seems to be many advantages to Panda3D, but there are a few things I’d like to confirm, so here goes!

  • Can I load models (OBJ, DAE, GLTF, etc) at runtime? This seems to be a flaw in a lot of engines.
  • Can I mix Python and C++ in my project, so that I can have efficiency-critical modules in C++ and everything else in Python?
  • Are there C bindings anywhere?
  • Are there any more collections of community? Maybe IRC channels or something similar?

Thanks so much for your time!

  1. Panda supports Assimp library -
    About loading models in real time -
  2. Yes,
  3. I do not know, was not interested.
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You can certainly mix Python and C++ in your project; we provide a binding generator tool called interrogate that you can use to create Python bindings for your C++ code, or you can use standard tools like cython or ctypes.

Our binding generator tool, interrogate does support generating C bindings, but we don’t actually offer C bindings with Panda.

As for other places for the Panda3D community, there is GitHub:

And Reddit:
And we are also in the process of experimenting with setting up a Discord server.

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