[solved] Vertexcolors for lightning?

eh. sorry to bother you again but i need some ilumination again :stuck_out_tongue:
i had a look on the panda docu and found out that panda can read and write vertex colors, but can i actually use them?
i’d like to use them to store lightning information (baked into with blender).
can panda handle this?

Lightning ? Did you mean lighting ?
Of course Panda can handle this, try to check the collision detection tutorial shipped with Panda. Take a deep look, you’ll realize that the maze interior (intersection of wall-floor) vertices hold the black color (0,0,0), and the rest are (1,1,1).

omg… how could i miss it!?
thx for telling me
… ah… course lighting… :blush:
looks more like a pipeline problem now. looks like the x exporter doesnt really write vertexcolors. :unamused:
but i’m really glad to know that panda does the job =)

edit: jep. Fabius egg exporter does the job.