[Solved] Transparency

I’m playing around with Panda again, and this time I’m doing a small tile-based thing (not dissimilar from chess). At the same time I’m using a small library for procedurally generated models I’ve written for myself for essentially everything so far. Now, I have a board with tiles, but I’d like to have a small square floating above the tile I am hovering over or selected, with solid edges and a very transparent center.

I was thinking of doing this with lines at the edges and then a tristrip over the middle (which is how I have my code set up right now, minus the lines), apply colors and transparency then flatten it all into one finished node.

My problem is that neither the manual nor searching the forums has helped me with the applying transparency part. Is it even possible that way, or am I being hopelessly naive? Something like icon.set_alpha(0.1) would be nice :slight_smile:

I appologize if I am missing something so utterly obvious that it has neither problem posts on the forums nor a separate entry in the manual.

Edit: Well, now I feel really stupid. Turns out I both mistyped transparency and forgot to search the site for the word alpha… Sorry for wasting your time.