[SOLVED] tiled textures?

My model has tiling textures.
I cant get that to panda, the textures are white

is the model UV-mapped?
and is the mode set to repeat?

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/T … Wrap_Modes might help you

Actually its orco mapped or whatever thats called and set to repeat in Blender.

chicken wont export anything else than UV-maps so ocro wont even work without tiling.

How about other formats?

Why not just create a UV map? I doubt there is any engine out there that supports Orco coordinates (without use of shaders).

How would you make a tiling uv map. Is that possible?

Sure. You can simply scale the UV map to be bigger than the texture. It will automatically tile (that is, if you left the texture mode in Blender at “Repeat”, which is the default).

hehe, lol
The only minus is more than 1 texture file but I dont care

I didnt want to make another topic,
how can you change text colour? my font is black, but it shows white

what text are you refering to? onscreenText, directLabel , textnode? the text here in the forum?

in case you mean the text in panda. this page might help you.


Try this, to make it black:

textNP.setColor(0, 0, 0, 1)

like this?

mytext = TextNode("node name")
mytext.setText("Your text here...")
mytext.setShadow(0.05, 0.05)

textNodePath = aspect2d.attachNewNode(mytext)


Sure, that should work.

is that sarcasm?


isnt it



[edit] or rather : mytext.setTextColor()

Yeah, in that case the color is directly baked into the text. That works, too.

Well, rdb, your code doesnt give me errors but its still white.
Thomas, your 1st code gives me a attribute doesnt exist, but the second works… so its solved i guess