[solved]Texture splatting and shadows/decals

So i Used YARR.py that is floating around and I got the texture splatting from that to work on my geomip terrain which is great since my terrain looks much more realistic since this was added but a few problems arose when i did this.

I had the 1.7.0 standard shadows working before but now they will not show on the terrain (They still show on the actors.) Its like the lighting effects turned off since i added the splat.

The other problem I found was that i was using a camera to display a decal on the terrain and now that i have turned on texture splatting this has dissapeared although it still seems to work i just dont see the decal. Is there some sort of ordering im forgetting for this or will this work with texture splatting?

Bad Question apparetly I cant do what i was doing because my shader does not support both items and you can only use one shader… Kinda a blond moment here.