[SOLVED] task and mopath interval

OK, this question isn’t a Pipeline question, so I should post it here.
Why is the camera shaking?

Because the camera’s lookAt() task isn’t sorted with respect to the task that runs the interval, and you have a pretty good chance of the lookAt() task running first–which means the camera will look at its target, and then move to the next frame’s position (and then the frame is rendered)–so each frame the image you see is the one generated from the camera looking in not quite the right direction. This results in the visual appearance of jitter.

To solve this, ensure that lookAt() runs after the interval runs each frame (but before the frame is rendered). This is most easily done with the sort parameter to taskMgr.add, e.g.:

taskMgr.add(cameraTask, "lookAt", sort = 25) 


Thank you very much.
I hade the same problem with my skydome task and water wave task. Now they are solved :slight_smile: