[solved] ShaderGenerator stereo support

I have been using panda3d on a device that supports passive stereo display. I set framebuffer-stereo to 1 to get stereo to work. The issue is when I try to enable the shader generator: render.setShaderAuto(), with some lights in the scene I get weird results. The shaders only works in one eye, not rendered on the other buffer.

I am not sure if this is a bug or I am just doing something wrong (not sure where to put this thread) as I am still new to panda3d.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks for the help

Welcome to the forums!

Can you elaborate on “weird results”?

Hi again, sorry
Ok in my search to find more info about the problem I discovered that it is in fact not a problem with stereo.

More info about what I see:
In one eye there is a almost all black shading. The lines between the light and dark are very harsh and linear.
In the other eye it is lighter but there are also harsh linear lines.

In my search to find out what was wrong I tried it on a non stereo device. The same effect, hard harsh dark light lines, occurred (The same in each eye because no stereo).

I turned off shadows and everything started to work fine on both devices.

So I feel like this was an issue with my test scene (lots and lots of cubes) rather than with panda3d/stereo/shadergenerator.

What is odd is that the shadows glitches are render very differently per eye on the stereo display with just made me assume that there was something up with the shader generator.

To double check that everything is fine I just tried all of the Shadow demos in stereo and they all work without a problem.

Thanks for the help and sorry for silly question.