[SOLVED] Shader Generator / odd results at some Computers

I ran into a weird problem while running the same programm at different system

Those dark edges in the picture on the right aren’t intended that way.

The Programm is exactly the same so I would guess that “setShaderAuto()” generates something different for a Systems with an nvidia card, since that seems to be the ony thing that the “buged” ones have in common.

Is this a knowen bug by any chance and I simply failed to find the workaround ?
Or has someone a better Idea what could
be the cause of this and how it might get fixed?

I don’t know what the problem is; I haven’t seen it before. However, it’s not uncommon for a program that’s doing something slightly irregular to have different appearances on different graphics drivers. This happens because the graphics drivers have to decide how to handle the irregularity, and they don’t always come to the same decision.

It also, of course, happens with programs that aren’t doing anything wrong at all, but that’s less common. When that happens, it means there’s a graphics driver bug, and there are indeed plenty of driver bugs out there.

I don’t have enough information to guess whether your program falls into category A or category B.


I’m seeing shadows on one, and no shadows on the other. Could it be that one of your cards doesn’t support shadows (properly), or even shaders in general ?

I doubt it.
So far I was able to to test it at 2 different nvidia cards that render the picture on the right, and 3 different radeaon cars that rendered the picture on the left.

If I add a Spotlight with an ShadowCaster it renders this shadow corretly at all system.

What you see is the result of some Ambient and a directional light and “setShaderAuto()” for the Object.
No shadow caster involved.

the picture on the left shows pretty much the “correct result” since the directional and ambient are almost equally bright and stay in place if I move the camera.

the one on the right slaps those very dark shadows on the object ,no matter how bright the ambient is;
and their postion move with the camera.(!)

It feels like there is “secret nvidia-only lightsource at the cameranode whos shadows are so dark that no other light can ever brigten up this area”
But I doublechecked it and there are just those two lightsources in the scene that I have mentioned above.

Your lights aren’t exceeding a total of (1, 1, 1, 1) are they?

Can you post a simple example of your code?


Great Scott!
No they don’t;
but thats the clue I needed!

In case anyone ever runs into the same Problem:
The Model I got was exported without proper Mateials,
so once loaded it looked like made of soapstone.

In order to to “fix” this ingame my actor got an material “Shininess(0.0) Specular (0.1)” after loading.

And I had simply forgotten that I wanted to set the Specular value to 0.0 .

Strange that this didn’t cause the same Problem everywere, but at least now I know how it could be fixed.