[SOLVED] retrieve texture from SequenceNode


I generate en egg file using “egg-texture-cards”.
Then I load it has a SequenceNode.
Now I want to know if it is possible to retrieves Texture from the SequenceNode, or at list know the since of textures (their are all the same size).


(I am new to Panda3D so perhaps my question is easy … but I have look in the manual and the forum and have not yet find the answer).


You can use:

tex = model.findTexture('mytexname')

to retrieve a particular texture, where mytexname is the filename of the texture without its extension.

Or, if that doesn’t work, try:

tex = model.find('**/mytexname').findTexture('*')

Or if you just want to get a list of all the textures:

texlist = model.findAllTextures()


ok thanks

I will try each solutions to understand what I can do. I think I have more documentation to read to understand panda. As I mainly using 2D at this time I have not yet read all about model/actor.

@drwr : all your solutions are ok. thanks again.