[Solved] Problems using Google 3dwarehouse (collada related)

Hi everyone

There has not been many post of .dea-files not working, so I am probably doing something wrong. What, is the question…

Some moths ago I actually managet to get some models from the 3dwarehouse to work, but now I have tried 3 or 4 with no success.

In current version of Panda, one can load collada file directly with the loader, right? Does the pview work for collada files?

So I tried to load with the loader and view with the pview, but no success. Then I changed the transparency values of the files as guided in some old(er) post (I used the method previously with success), with no success.

Now I am left somewhat puzzled… Back to using dae2egg or?

Other question as well (if I get the dae-files to work I need to figure out this soon anyway). If one wants to use Pandas collision detection with existing model, with out setting collision shapes one needs to add this: { Polyset keep descend } to the .egg-file. Does it work in the .dae-file as well?



That’s because Google tools like SketchUp export broken .dae files, with inverted transparency (so visible objects will show up as hidden). You might need to manually invert the transparency before or after conversion.

Thanks for the reply. I already inverted the transparency values, as I stated. In this one case I got to work (only one I have tested so far), the dae-file did not dynamically look the textures based on what read on textures.txt file as I excepted for some reason. So after changing those in the dae-file and converting with dea2egg all seems to be working fine. =)