[SOLVED] particles render order

I noticed if you directly parent a particle effect to base.cam it will be render before all the other nodes. What causes this?

The render order for particle effects is governed by the same rules that govern render order in general.

That is to say, things are drawn in the order according to the DisplayRegion of the camera that sees them. Within DisplayRegion, they are ordered according to the bin that they are assigned to (from the setBin() property). Within a bin, they are ordered according to the properties of that bin–some bins draw thing back-to-front, some bins group them in order by state, some bins put them in order according to where they appeared in the scene graph, and some bins put them in order according to the second parameter of the setBin() property.

So, to answer your question in general, I don’t know. It depends on how your scene graph is structured, and where the camera node is parented. But there’s nothing about the camera node itself that has any special control over render order; it works like any other node for this purpose.


Thats what I thought.
Hm, Ill make a demo application to show what I mean,

EDIT: Its yet another ‘rewrote it and it works’