[solved] panda3d (the file) not found

I’ve build Panda3D-1.7.0 form source on Gentoo Linux using makepanda.

When I try to run packp3d (after making it executable) I get

/usr/bin/env: panda3d: File or directory does not exist

So I tried to search for a file called panda3d manually, but couldn’t find it.

On the forums someone suggested to install the Panda3D-runtime too.
My questions:
Where can I find the panda3d file? Or how do I get it?
Do I need the Panda3D-runtime?

The exectutable you’re looking for is indeed the runtime. And it was intended that the file you chmod’ed wasn’t executable (i wondered about that myself and asked on irc). Those files are meant to be ‘executed’ by the runtime.

Oh, and you need tinyxml for Panda AFAIK. Both for compiling and for using it. For more detail on what header files are missing add --verbose to your makepanda line.

Install the runtime from http://www.panda3d.org/download.php?runtime .


Ok, thanks for the clarification.