[solved] nodepath regex syntax

When looking for a nodepath you can use special regex (described here).

There is the * which stands for none or more characters and
there is the ? which stands for exactly one char.

But is there an option for looking for “none or one” character?
[ ,?] doesn’t work, btw.

EDIT: what does [] (empty brackets) actually match? i noticed it doesn’t match “” (no chars).

panda3d.org/reference/python … p#_details

according to that i think [] means char range, just like regex

Thanks for the reply
I know that [] is for ranges and arrays of chars, but what does it match without any content? just “[]”. Is that invalid syntax?

And still I’d like to know if there is a special sign for “none or exactly one character”

Wait, these are not regular expressions at all! Just simple globbing patterns.

man 7 glob

thanks! that helps me a lot :slight_smile:

for others reading this:
this is what rdb meant