[SOLVED] - MultiPart actors and animations

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I’m thinking in a method of make some sort of character creator (I haven’t done anything yet, so its fully “theoretical”), and I have a doubt about multi-part actors:

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If I have a lot of parts for my actor, with different geometry but same skeleton, can I use the same animations for all of them?
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Example: I export from blender a torso (“torso-1”) and it’s animations separately, and then, export another torso (“torso-2”) with different geometry but with the same armature, --> can I use the animations of torso-1 in torso-2??? (this is to avoid exporting all the animations, and have only the necessary files)

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I found this:

on this thread:
[url]Actor Fashion, Gear, Armor - How To]

So I think that it’s possible!! :smiley: :smiley:

When I get some sample of this working I’ll post it.

However, if you guys know something about this subject, I’ll appreciate the info.

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Hi, I have recently been working on this receently and it works great.

We have a model with many optional parts (hats, gloves, boots) and we hide and unhide them with code.
Note that this means that our 1 egg file contains the multiple parts.

We use a single set of animations and that works fine.

Thanks silveralex!! :smiley: glad to hear that someone got it working! but anyway I’ll try the method with separate egg files for every piece of model. When I have that working I’ll post it here!!

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Thanks for your reply!! :wink: :wink:

I’ve done a little on the attaching other models as well. Will use it more for weapons that a player picks up, etc.

Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll try to help. (but I’m learning as I go, too!)