[SOLVED] Models files with ".pz" extensions

I’ve notice several file with a “.pz” extensions in the samples.
What does this extension means versus the usual ones (.egg…)?
Is there some pros and cons to use it?

“.pz” means Panda Zip. It’s a file compressed with the pzip tool (very similar to gzip). For most file types, panda can read a .pz file directly as if it were still uncompressed.

Pros: it’s smaller, so it takes up a lot less space on the disk. It may actually load faster, depending on how fast your disk is.

Cons: it may load more slowly, depending on how fast your CPU is. It’s a little harder to casually browse the contents of an .egg.pz file (you have to punzip it first).

It’s particularly useful to pzip an egg file for distribution, since then you get some of the benefits of a bam file (e.g. it’s much smaller) while retaining the benefits of an egg file (version portability; it can be inspected by the user if desired; it can be imported into a modeling package). Of course, a bam file (or even a bam.pz file) will still load much faster than an .egg.pz file.


OK Thanks you :slight_smile: