[Solved] Messed up my config.prc file

Could someone tell me what the default model paths in the config.prc file were? I changed them all trying to figure something out a while ago, and now it would seem I need the back to the originals to run the level editor. I just can’t figure out what the originals were. Thanks

Hi majobeza,

I’m not too sure what exactly you mean, but I’ve uploaded my Config.prc to Pastebin and maybe you could get some help by looking at it, here ya are:

I hope this helps!


I meant this part of it.

  1. model-path $MAIN_DIR

  2. model-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…

  3. model-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…/models

Thanks for the help.

No problem, have a good day!