[SOLVED] internal_bounds.is_null()

hi guys and merry xmas,

I have got another Panda assert coming up.

Assertion failed: !internal_bounds.is_null() at line 2846 of i:\projects\panda3d

here the assert

and here the callstack

this used to run a while back, I started working on some code again after a prolonged break and some stuff seems to be broken with panda since I last used it. I update my panda manually from CVS and build my own version of it.


It means you’ve got a PandaNode, or some derivative, whose compute_internal_bounds() function resulted in a NULL bounding volume. This isn’t supposed to be possible, since compute_internal_bounds() is always supposed to fill in the bounding volume with some value.

So, either you’ve got a class that isn’t implemented properly, or you’ve got a mismatched build where some of your PandaNode objects are compiled against one version and some are compiled against another version (resulting in a mismatched virtual table alignment), or some similar problem. I suppose a race condition may also be a possible explanation.


once again you were right drwr! I just did a clean rebuild of my solution and the assert has disappeared. Odd I thought I had rebuilt my solution… :blush: