[SOLVED] How to get a bounding box from Cxx?

Hi all…
I have a problem here. I need to get the “vertex with the highest z” of a NodePath. I’m using cxx.

I guess the easiest way is get the bounds and do the job.

So… I can’t find the “get_tight_bounds()” in cxx. Someone know why it isn’t available in cxx? (I’m running 1.6.2)

I can get the get_bounds(), and use it as a BoundingSphere. But if I call “as_bounding_box()” it returns me NULL.

Some other way to do the trick?


Oh… I get it working…

I see the file NodePath_extensions.py and realize that there’s a “calc_tight_bounds(&min, &max)”
So… Solved…

Tnx in advance…
Tnx Thomas for all the help in the #panda3d