[Solved]How do I get a node attached to a collider scale?

High guys, i am having some trouble with the collision system.
I modeled a Crate (a pretty simple one) and then I set 5 collision pollygons around it to create a cube (there is no need to create a collider in the bottom, hence 5).
I applied a 4x scale on the crate and the collision polygon received it too (could place the colliders with getTightBounds and some simple math).
All was going fine until I tried to land my character on the box (the character have a collision ray on him with no scale applied).
The collision system detects the collision far beyond it is actually happening, therefore the character ends up passing the box and the program does not process the collision.

My question is:

Is there anyway to get the scale of the node I attached the collider into?

I tryed:

entry = self.heightQueue.getEntry(0)

with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

I think in general it’s not a good idea to scale collision shapes. I’m not sure what a good work around would be, except maybe to switch your collision mask to another larger version of your collision shape.

Uniform scales generally work, with a few exceptions, but non-uniform scales (a different scale in X, Y, Z) will almost always cause problems.

You can bake a scale into the vertices with flattenLight() to resolve any problems. Of course, once it has been flattened, you can no longer undo the scale later.


Thank you, it world flawlessly.