[solved] exclude-texture-scale and ConfigVariableList

In my prc file i have:

texture-scale 0.25
exclude-texture-scale gui.png radarplate.png ui-grid.png plate2.png

But it does not work!

During debugging:

return 1 and [1] returns a string with “gui.png radarplate.png ui-grid.png plate2.png”

grr this worked… kind of unintuitive though:

exclude-texture-scale gui.png
exclude-texture-scale radarplate.png
exclude-texture-scale ui-grid.png
exclude-texture-scale plate2.png

Yep, sorry. But what else can we do, since your texture filenames might themselves contain spaces?


Well it could require it to have “abs 123.png” or abs\ 123.png but then the parser is more complex… This works but probably made more clear in the docs.