[SOLVED]Egg Creation>Joint in tables>Local or World?

Hello All ,

I have a question about the egg file format.
In Bundle, you create tables that can include a transform information for the joint at each frame.

Question 1: Net Transform or Parent relative Transform?
This transform information is the Net Transform of the joint or the relative Transform versus the parent Node?

Question 2: Transform in Parent Local Space or World Space?
This transform information must be provided in Parent Local space or World Space ?

Yep i know, the bad news is i’m forced to create egg file myself without using a python runtime (so without EGGDATA :frowning:(((()

Lol i’ve found back the post where i asked exactly the same questions for 3 years ago for another assigment :frowning:((

So the answers are :

a)the transformation matrix to be specified for a joint in tables of an egg file is relative to the parent node only

b)Joints are defined using a local transform, vertices are defined in an egg file using global coordinates

Other pieces of information are:
c)the net transform of each node is derived by pre multiplying the parent’s net transform with the node’s local transform.

That is, Mn = Mn-1Mn-2…M0, where M0 is the root transform.

d)transform matrices in Panda are represented row-major
(which does reverse the meaning of premultiply and postmultiply from a column-major representation)

e)The tables hierarchy should exactly match the skeleton hierarchy.