[SOLVED] Cull/Draw and setShadowCaster()

Dear all -

In the same line as in my previous post (Cull/Draw and saveCubeMap()), using the threaded pipeline seems to cause an issue with the setShadowCaster() method.

Unfortunately, there is no error message but the program blocks permanently.

See attached file for the full code snippet. Using ‘/Draw’ instead of ‘Cull/Draw’ is working.

Using the 1.9.0 official build of the Download page.

Thanks again!
Cull_Draw and SetShadowCaster.txt (7.15 KB)

This is a known issue:


Since 1.9.0, this issue is partially avoided by putting App and Cull in the same thread, as you suggested by using “/Draw” threading model. It would be difficult to fix this issue right now. We are planning changes in the way Panda handles render-to-texture under the hood that will help with this, but this may take a while.

Many thanks for your reply and sorry because I overlooked the fact it was already raised.

OK, I understand that fixing this issue would require much time because it involves some in-depth changes.

I’ll probably get stick to “/Draw” to use shadows with autoshader.