[SOLVED] Color issues when drawing GeomPoints without normals

Hello, I’m trying to draw points without normals but I cannot get them draw with the color I fill into the data. (I get colors and vertex from a file parser and they are correct) If the color array is filled with the same value in all lines, the color is correct.

NodePath nRet("cloud");
int iName(0);
auto format = GeomVertexFormat::get_v3c4();
PT(GeomVertexData) pData = new GeomVertexData("pclouddata", format, Geom::UH_static);
GeomVertexWriter vertex(pData, "vertex");
GeomVertexWriter colors(pData, "color");
// Fill arrays
int iNbPoints = pHitScan->GetNbPoints();
//CMyColor is as a class defining colors with GetRed() / GetGreen() / GetBlue() GetAlpha() return color component as an unsigned int8 (0 to 255)
CMyColor colArray[iNbPoints]  // initialised with different colors for each vertex
// Point array 
CMyPoint vertexArray[iNbPoints] 

for (int ii = 0; ii < iNbPoints; ii++)
  const CMyPoint& ptRaw = vertexArray[ii];
  vertex.add_data3f(ptRaw[0], ptRaw[1], ptRaw[2]);
  const CMyColor& ptColor = arScanColors[ii];
   // Convert unsigned int to float 
  float fColors[4];
  fColors[0] = ((float)ptColor.GetRed()) / 255.0f;
  fColors[1] = ((float)ptColor.GetGreen()) / 255.0f;
  fColors[2] = ((float)ptColor.GetBlue())  / 255.0f;
  fColors[3] = ((float)ptColor.GetAlpha()) / 255.0f;
  colors.add_data4f(fColors[0], fColors[1], fColors[2], fColors[3]);
PT(GeomPoints) primCloud = new GeomPoints(Geom::UH_static);
PT(Geom) geomCloud;
geomCloud = new Geom(pData);
PT(GeomNode) nodecloud = new GeomNode("cloud");

Do I make a mistake or is it just impossible to draw GeomPoints without providing normals. In this case is there a way to display colored points without providing normals?

Another mistake on my implementation, this code works if I correctly fill the color array. Sorry